The first question I always ask a new student when they play for me -When does the sound begin?

The answer usually varies somewhere between “When you breathe or when you start to blow”. While in the physical sense this is not incorrect, the concept of sound begins way before the act of the breath. Sound is not only an aural stimulation, it is the reaction of the kinds of stimulation we take in throughout our lifetime. It is representative of a whole world of dreams, feelings, desires, expectations, disappointments, discoveries and so forth.

Sound begins not when we breathe to play our instruments, but rather it began from the very moment we were even aware that we were breathing…that we were alive. Our sound, our voice, is cultivated from a lifetime of experience, challenges, celebrations, setbacks and successes.

Sound is part of who we are- it is not a thing we do or we make. It lives inside of us. Sound does not come from air- it comes from LIFE. Live your sound…with sincerity... and it will be the most beautiful sound in the world.